Blog: Why CaseNetwork?

Why CaseNetwork?

I am extremely excited on several levels about creating this new company, CaseNetwork that will help shape a brighter future for medical education.

AS A PHYSICIAN, I understand that most physicians are too busy and it is difficult for them to leave their practices to go to live educational programs. But I also understand that physicians have a need and desire to stay as current as possible in their field, so they can provide the best possible care for their patients. CaseNetwork will be smarter about education and help physicians learn faster, with greater efficiency and convenience.

AS AN EDUCATOR, I understand how physicians want to learn. I understand that they want to be engaged, challenged, and have interactions with their peers. Over the last 20 years, I have taught hundreds of thousands of physicians and have found that case-based education, a decision-oriented form of learning where physicians make active decisions throughout the educational experience is their preferred method of learning. In addition, if physicians have the opportunity to interact with their peers during the educational process, they are much more likely to take the newly learned information and apply it to their clinical practice. CaseNetwork is making social networking, or social learning, an integral part of our educational programs.

AS AN INNOVATOR, I understand that if technology is used correctly, it can be a tool that enhances the educational experience. I also understand that physicians are learning differently than in the past. They learn on the run, so they want anytime/anywhere learning and “just-in-time” learning. Through new mobile technologies, CaseNetwork will deliver the right kind of education to physicians when they want it and where they want it.

AS A COLLABORATOR, I understand that big ideas and big ambitions cannot be accomplished alone. CaseNetwork must partner with expert physicians around the world, with top academic centers, and with medical societies from every medical specialty. I believe that with strong collaborations, we can co-create a new standard of medical education that will have a positive impact on physicians, with the ultimate goal to improve patient care.

If you are interested in collaborating with CaseNetwork, please e-mail us at

Here is to a brighter future!

Jeffrey Levy, MD
Founder and CEO, CaseNetwork

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    It was my pleasure reading about your products. I first heard about your company at a recent Mid Atlantic CMSA meeting. I am thrilled to see this education as being a possible solution for our fragmented system in our country. Appears your passion shows in your blog and site. I wish you and your staff the best with your vision quest.


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