CoreCases for Family Medicine

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Changes in healthcare delivery, reduction in work hours for residents, additional faculty responsibilities and new obligations imposed by the ACGME are posing significant challenges for Family Practice residency programs.

CoreCases for Family Medicine consists of a full curriculum of 45 online simulated patient encounters, including a Resident Wellness case. This curriculum covers more than 300 disease states and can used to supplement educational activities in a specific rotation, to replace lectures, and engage in interactive discussions. Cases can be assigned based on PGY level, topic area or complexity.  All residents can learn critical information, make a correct diagnosis and prescribe the proper treatment.   The curriculum includes familiar disease states and conditions as well as ones that are difficult for programs to cover.

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CoreCases for Family Medicine contains a full complement of rich multi-media, including videos, diagrams, clinical images and medical illustrations to engage and encourage participation from all residents.  Supplemental articles and resources are incorporated into each case making further study easy and efficient.

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CoreCases for Family Medicine also provides objective and consistent assessment of competencies and milestones required for demonstrating resident proficiency at each stage of their learning process.  The reporting tool allows for identify of weak areas so early and focused remediation can be applied.

Key Components

  • Teaches in a decision-oriented format with immediate formative feedback
  • Provides medical educators and administrators an objective assessment and reporting tool
  • Includes core competencies and required milestones defined by the ACGME in every case to follow proficiency of residents over time
  • Incorporates most disease states and patient conditions needed for Family Practice residents
  • Reduces the impact on variance in clinical experience