CaseNetwork Custom Cases

CaseNetwork has an international reputation for curriculum development,
e-learning, and simulation and has worked with the top medical device companies like Ethicon, Johnson & Johnson, Covidien and Medtronic to develop, launch and validate state-of-the-art education and training programs. Using its blended-learning solution that integrates cognitive (knowledge), technical (psychomotor/procedural), and nontechnical (team communication) skills, and advanced educational techniques for the modern learner, CaseNetwork provides the most efficient and effective training.

CaseNetwork’s custom education capabilities include:

1. Developing curricula for live and e-learning formats to reach a wider audience, and to standardize and enhance teaching.

2. Developing physical and virtual reality procedural training models to better teach device use.

3. Developing medical illustrations, 3-D animations, and procedure videos that more effectively feature the device.

4. Developing team training curricula to improve coordination and communication of the team.

5. Developing train-the-trainer curricula to optimize and scale training efficacy.

6. Validation of developed curricula and training programs to assure the most effective outcomes.

7. Recruiting subject matter experts to advise on all aspects of a product.

8. Organizing and conducting expert consensus conferences that result in new standards.

CaseNetwork has developed proprietary projects in healthcare segments that include robotic surgery, laparoscopy, women’s health, urology, general surgery, cardiothoracic, and colorectal surgery.

If you are interested in working with CaseNetwork or would like to obtain more information about its capabilities, please contact

Dr. Jeffrey Levy is a physician, author, educator, entrepreneur and an internationally recognized expert in e-Learning. He is the Founder and CEO of CaseNetwork, a technology enhanced medical education and clinical decision support company. He is co-founder of the Institute for Surgical Excellence, a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to improving surgical care and patient outcomes for emerging technologies. Prior to this, Dr. Levy was also co-founder, CEO, and Chief Educational Officer of MedCases, an online medical education company providing continuing medical education through a case-based approach to physicians across the world.

Dr. Levy has been in the forefront of innovations in the medical field for almost three decades. Some of his accomplishments include developing one of the first virtual reality surgical simulators – the Virtual Reality Hysteroscope, creating some of the first interactive laser discs and CD-ROMs in medicine, producing some of the most sophisticated 3-D medical/surgical animations, producing the first online case-based education in medicine, and helping develop and validate the Fundamentals of Robotics Surgery curriculum now used internationally by surgeons in many surgical specialties. He has worked with hundreds of subject matter experts, dozens of medical societies, and government regulators to advance medical/surgical education, training, and clinical practice. Through his award-winning programs, Dr. Levy has educated over 400,000 physicians globally.

Dr. Levy has also served as the Medical Director of Education and Technology Initiatives for the University of Pennsylvania Health System where his responsibilities included development of computerized physician and patient education systems. His other academic roles have included Associate Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Director of Resident Education and Medical Student Education at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia.

Dr. Levy has been course director for over 70 courses, has presented over 200 national and international lectures, has authored numerous abstracts and scientific papers and has developed several patents and inventions. His social mission is to introduce advanced educational techniques and enhancing technologies to Africa and other low resource areas around the world to reduce maternal mortality and improve surgical safety and outcomes.

Key Components

  • CaseNetwork develops consensus, curricula, simulation and assessments for medical devices.
  • CaseNetwork creates global standards for the education and training of healthcare professionals by providing innovative frameworks for conveying content, measuring skills and improving proficiencies.
  • Curriculum Development for Technical Skills are taught in live settings utilizing the most advanced training techniques. Training tasks can be conducted in dry labs, wet labs or simulation settings.
  • Simulation Development expertise is offered by CaseNetwork (Physical Models and VR Simulators) across a broad range of specialties.
  • Innovative Team Training techniques include communication, collaboration and professionalism components as part of clinical, procedural or surgical interaction.
  • Outcome Measures, Assessments and Curriculum Validation methodologies can be developed to assess a learner’s knowledge and skills in the most objective and reproducible manner.