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The Family Medicine Education Consortium (FMEC) and CaseNetwork Announce a Partnership to Strengthen Resident Education

Dayton, OH — Continuously changing medical practice, rapidly increasing medical literature and evidence, reduction in work hours for residents, more clinical responsibilities for faculty, and increasing reporting obligations mandated by the ACGME are posing significant educational challenges for Family Medicine residency programs. Every year it gets more difficult for Program Directors to properly prepare competent and compassionate residents to practice Family Medicine independently.

In order to meet these demands and advance resident education and training, the Family Medicine Education Consortium (FMEC) is partnering with CaseNetwork to promote “CoreCases for Family Medicine,” an online, interactive case-based curriculum that was developed specifically for today’s residents.  CoreCases teaches, measures and improves a resident’s proficiency in key knowledge areas and skills required for advancement during their training and at the same time assesses milestone achievement.

CoreCases for Family Medicine is a comprehensive curriculum consisting of 45 cases, or simulated patient encounters, that can be used independently by residents to augment educational activities in a specific rotation, ‘flipped classrooms’ and interactive discussions. The curriculum includes common disease states and conditions as well as less common conditions that may be difficult for programs to cover. Residents learn critical information to make correct diagnoses, order appropriate labs and diagnostic tests, and prescribe prudent management plans while receiving formative feedback from “Virtual Experts.” CoreCases for Family Medicine also provides objective and consistent assessment of competencies and milestones required for demonstrating resident proficiency at each stage of their learning process.  The reporting tool facilitates identification of weak areas so early and focused remediation can be applied.

“The Family Medicine Education Consortium is constantly working to help every Family Medicine physician achieve his/her fullest potential and that starts with our medical students and residents,” says Laurence Bauer, MSW, MED, CEO of FMEC. “We are excited to work with CaseNetwork to provide state-of-the art, case-based, and competency focused education for our Family Medicine residents.”

“As a former residency program director, I know how crucial it is that all residents master the requisite knowledge and skills to demonstrate proficiency for sound medical decision-making and optimal patient care in an ever-changing healthcare environment,” says Jeffrey Levy, MD, Founder and CEO of CaseNetwork. “CoreCases is a significant educational advancement that engages residents and helps them learn faster, more efficiently and more conveniently. We are thrilled to work with FMEC on this important project.”

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About FMEC

The Family Medicine Education Consortium, Inc. (FMEC) serves as a catalyst for connecting those interested in improving the health of the community by strengthening Family Medicine/primary care services and medical education.  The FMEC supports 60 medical school-based Departments of Family Medicine and 160 Family Medicine Residency programs in the northeast region of the U.S. and is a leading voice in the field of primary care.

It is FMEC’s fundamental belief that Family Medicine is critical to improving the health of the nation. To that end, FMEC supports innovative, peer-reviewed educational initiatives that provide residents and family physicians with the highest quality education possible.  For more information, visit

About CaseNetwork

CaseNetwork is a technology enhanced medical education company delivering competency-focused, case-based education that enables learners to improve their knowledge and comprehension of critical patient situations and disease states. CaseNetwork’s simulated patient encounters integrate evidence-based clinical information with required proficiencies and skills. CaseNetwork’s proprietary platforms include interactive decision making and peer-to-peer problem solving that is conveniently delivered in a browser or on a mobile device for anytime, anywhere learning. The CaseNetwork solution helps healthcare professionals advance their skills and improve competency with the ultimate goal of enhancing patient outcomes. For more information, visit

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