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NTOCC and CaseNetwork Partner to Offer CareCases Platform

Online Software Solution to Provide Competency-Based, Collaborative Care Training for Multi-Disciplinary Care Teams

The National Transitions of Care Coalition (NTOCC) is pleased to announce a partnership with healthcare software provider, CaseNetwork, surrounding the CareCases platform, a web-based subscription service providing competency training on collaborative care for multidisciplinary healthcare teams.

With the wide variety of issues confronting patients and providers at every stage of patient care transition, this unique educational platform addresses the need for training in coordinated multi-disciplinary care across a variety of healthcare settings and features a robust curriculum that allows practitioners to learn team-based communication and activities as well as competency skills and best practices across a variety of health care settings.

Cheri Lattimer, RN, BSN, NTOCC Executive Director, remarked, “NTOCC is excited about partnering with CaseNetwork and supporting an educational platform that will assist interdisciplinary teams to enhance their knowledge, skills and competencies in delivering collaborative care interventions to patients and caregivers. A frequently asked question of NTOCC is, ‘How do we build strong interdisciplinary teams that work together improving communication and coordination between providers, patients and family caregivers in transitions of care across the continuum?’ I believe that by working with CaseNetwork, we have started to provide an answer to that question.”

Along with the platform’s private, collaborative tools to improve team interaction, users are able to capably incorporate newly learned material into team-based care through the integration of “real world” scenarios and receive immediate feedback on critical skills throughout the training process. In addition, educators are able to track learners’ progress, measure achievement, and objectively demonstrate proficiency at several milestones in training. The entire program is accessed via any mobile device to support self-study and anytime learning.

“We are very pleased to work with NTOCC on developing CareCases and believe that the program will definitely help care teams understand their responsibilities and improve their collaboration to benefit patient care transitions and ensure proper patient care,” states Dr. Jeff Levy, CEO of CaseNetwork.

CareCases can be used by healthcare teams to train new team members, create a transitional care program, initiate a group discussion, or re-certify existing providers. The platform is a software as a service (SaaS) online offering, and NTOCC subscribers will be eligible to receive a discount. CareCases is expected to launch in late 2014; for product updates and launch notification, visit to become an NTOCC subscriber.

About the National Transition of Care Coalition

The National Transitions of Care Coalition is a 501(c)(4) dedicated to addressing a serious U.S. healthcare issue: filling the gaps that occur when patients leave one care setting and move to another care setting. These transitions include patients moving from primary care to specialty physicians; moving or transferring patients from the emergency department to intensive care or surgery, or when patients are discharged from the hospital to home, assisted living arrangements, or skilled nursing facilities. Working in conjunction with 450 Associate Member organizations and over 4,000 individual professional subscribers, NTOCC has developed tools and resources made available to everyone in the healthcare industry including providers, payors, patients and consumers. For more information, visit and follow the Coalition on Twitter @NTOCC.

About CaseNetwork

CaseNetwork is a technology enhanced medical education company focused on case-based and competency-based education that enables learners to improve their knowledge and comprehension of critical patient situations and disease states. CaseNetwork’s innovative simulated patient encounters integrate the highest quality content in medicine with required proficiencies and skills. CaseNetwork’s proprietary platform also includes collaborative social learning and is delivered in a convenient fashion through mobile devices for anytime, anywhere learning. The CaseNetwork solution helps healthcare professionals increase their problem solving skills and improve competency with the ultimate goal to improve patient outcomes. For more information, visit and follow CaseNetwork on Twitter @CaseNetworkU.

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