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CaseNetwork Set to Release Medical Education Product, CoreCases in July

CaseNetwork is set to transform medical education with the release of CoreCases  in early Q3.  CoreCases is a unique educational tool aimed at teaching medical residents and healthcare students using case-based curricula that incorporates competencies and milestones with tracking, assessments and reporting features.  CoreCases is a six part solution that utilizes simulated patient encounters to instruct and assess competency in 6 core areas of medical education.  Individual performance can be monitored and tracked and reports generated.  Feedback is given immediately enhancing the educational experience.  In addition, private peer to peer social networks are established to promote collaboration and problem solving.  The entire program is accessible via mobile technology and online.

CoreCases was developed with input from leading experts at prestigious academic institutions.  It represents a break from traditional medical educational processes and encourages individual learning and participation.

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