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CaseNetwork Enters Transitional Care Market with Launch of CareCases

CaseNetwork has added to its platform of innovative medical education products with the pending release of CareCases. CareCases is focused on the critical topic of transitional care. CareCases instructs healthcare teams how to provide coordinated cross-disciplinary care across multiple healthcare settings

One in five Medicare patients is readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of discharge, at a tremendous cost to the healthcare system. Medicare has instituted penalties for those hospitals whose readmission rates exceeded their targets, penalizing the institutions millions in forfeited payments. As a result of these penalties, hospital systems are implementing transitional care programs to better manage their high risk patients as they move across the healthcare system, from inpatient to outpatient. This new model requires additional highly trained healthcare professionals that can understand and provide the appropriate care to improve patient outcomes, enhance patient satisfaction and reduce readmissions.

CareCases provides a full curriculum to develop competencies needed for successful transitional care. This program, built on industry best practices, is applicable to all members of the team, from physicians to nurses to transition liaisons. Developed in cooperation with industry experts, CareCases will help reduce readmissions, avoid penalties and provide appropriate care. Release is scheduled for August, 2013.

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