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CaseNetwork Collaborates With Fundamentals of Robotic Surgery (FRS) on Next Phase of Robotic Surgery Curriculum

Continuing with their long established partnership, CaseNetwork and the Fundamentals of Robotic Surgery (FRS) have begun the final step in the development of the FRS Robotic Surgery curriculum. The validation study is the result of a two year effort and, the most critical step in completing and vetting the educational program.

Over 80 robotic experts, medical educators, researchers, and psychomotor specialists met in a series of four consensus conferences facilitated by CaseNetwork’s CEO, Dr. Jeffrey Levy. The purpose of the meetings was to identify the skills and competencies necessary for robotic surgery, begin to develop the FRS curriculum and determine the criteria necessary to conduct a validation trial.

Following these consensus conferences, CaseNetwork was instrumental in the curriculum development process that highlighted the essential knowledge and skills necessary for robotic surgery. Included in this program are multimedia content, skill training and assessment tools, as well as pertinent knowledge critical to performing a successful robotic procedure. The program will be delivered using the CaseNetwork’s proprietary technology platform and will include other distinctive CaseNetwork components, including evaluation and assessment analytics and mobile device delivery.

Following a request for proposal sent to all of the American College of Surgeons Accredited Educational Institutes (ACS-AEI) members, a formal review committee, of which Dr. Levy was a member, reviewed and selected the participants. Dr. Levy stated, “Fifteen international institutions, with a reputation for robotic surgery excellence were chosen based on previous scholarly activity and an interest in enhancing the quality and safety of patient care through simulation-based education and training.”  (Press Release – Fifteen Institutions Selected to Participate in the Validation Study for Fundamentals of Robotic Surgery, July 9, 2014)

The validation study participants are scheduled to meet in Orlando, Florida for a two day train-the-trainer session on August 1-2, 2014. The program which will again be facilitated by Dr. Levy and run by CaseNetwork will cover important issues critical for the acceptance of the study, including didactic requirements, psychomotor challenges, team training and a diverse set of assessment tools needed for inter-rater reliability and consistency among all sites to guarantee the highest scientific rigor.

The validation program is scheduled to be completed in mid-2015 and the results will be compiled and published. At the conclusion of the validation study, it is anticipated that all of the surgical specialties will encourage their members to complete and pass the FRS curriculum prior to performing robotic surgery.

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CaseNetwork is a technology enhanced medical education company focused on competency-based education that enables learners to improve their knowledge and comprehension of critical patient situations and disease states. CaseNetwork’s innovative case-based curriculum integrates the highest quality content in medicine with required proficiencies and skills. CaseNetwork’s proprietary platform also includes collaborative social learning and is delivered in a convenient fashion through mobile devices for anytime, anywhere learning. The CaseNetwork solution helps healthcare professionals increase their problem solving skills and improve competency with the ultimate goal to improve patient outcomes. For more information, visit

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