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CaseNetwork Announces the Release of CoreWellness for Residents and Medical Students

CaseNetwork is pleased to announce the launch of CoreWellness© Online for Residents and Medical students in response to a serious epidemic of Burnout Syndrome (BOS) that is adversely affecting between 40 to 75% of our healthcare trainees and professionals. BOS is defined as the prolonged, psychological response to job-related, interpersonal stressors that occurs when occupational demands exceed one’s ability to cope. BOS has personal consequences (strained relationships, depression, anxiety, and suicide), professional consequences (gaps in professionalism, lack of career satisfaction, and leaving the profession), and patient consequences (increased medical errors and decreased patient satisfaction).

The CoreWellness© Online curriculum is based on CaseNetwork’s CEO, Dr. Jeffrey Levy, experience in developing nine online psychology programs. The programs were developed with over a dozen world-class psychologists to reduce burnout, depression and anxiety and to increase resilience and well-being. In addition, Dr. Levy co-authored the book CoreWellness: A Physician Wellness Program.

“In the last two months, I have been interacting with thousands of program directors and faculty in multiple specialties,” states Dr. Levy. “I have heard first-hand the urgency and need for effective programs to address the problems of BOS, depression and anxiety amongst our healthcare trainees. I am distressed to say that a dozen program directors confided in me that their programs have recently been devastated by a resident or medical student suicide. I was told that half of the suicides were not predictable, because the trainees were able to cover up their negative feelings and emotions.”

In fact, we are losing almost 400 healthcare providers a year to suicide – more than one a day. CaseNetwork has launched a campaign highlighting that WELLNESS CAN’T WAIT! There is a strong need to proactively teach residents, medical students, and other healthcare professionals important skills to improve resilience and well-being while decreasing burnout, depression and anxiety.

The CoreWellness© Online is a comprehensive program that provides residents and medical students with knowledge and practical skills needed to manage stress and adversities typical of graduate and post-graduate training. The program is broken down into six components:

  1. Background Information Modules that provide an overview of burnout, wellness and resilience including definitions, etiologies, measurements, and interventions.
  2. Skill Building Tools that include a series of 11 skill-building exercises that help participants understand and alter thinking patterns, change perspectives, share patient stories, be more mindful, and manage conflict.
  3. Self-Assessment Tools that include 26 surveys and questionnaires allowing residents to explore their perceptions and views of themselves, others, their future, and the world.
  4. Program Level Benefits that provide descriptions of successful wellness programs throughout the United States, teach residents to be leaders in wellness initiatives, and provide a step-by-step guide to design, implement and maintain a wellness program.
  5. Simulated Resident Encounters that present interactive encounters with simulated residents that reinforce issues related to burnout, resilience, and work-life balance.
  6. Summative Assessment Quizzes that include a series of questions that test residents’ and medical students’ knowledge to determine their grasp of materials presented in the CoreWellness© Online curriculum.

The online, self-directed learning in CoreWellness© is complemented by live discussion groups after each module to foster collaboration, compassion, and empathy amongst the group participants.

The CoreWellness© Online program provides information to help residents and medical students not only survive training, but to actually thrive and flourish. For more information about CoreWellness© Online go to

About CaseNetwork
CaseNetwork is a technology enhanced medical education company that delivers competency-focused, case-based education that enables learners to improve their knowledge and comprehension of critical patient situations and disease states. CaseNetwork’s simulated patient encounters integrate evidence-based clinical information with required proficiencies and skills. CaseNetwork’s proprietary platforms include interactive decision making and peer-to-peer problem solving that is conveniently delivered in a browser or on a mobile device for anytime, anywhere learning. The CaseNetwork solution helps healthcare professionals advance their skills and improve competency with the ultimate goal of enhancing patient outcomes. For more information, visit

About CoreWellness
CoreWellness© Online is a breakthrough online program from CaseNetwork with 24 modules that provide your residents with the knowledge and practical skills to manage stress and adversities typical of post-graduate training. Residents will learn about burnout syndrome (BOS), improve resilience, and achieve self-awareness through proactive wellness and self-care measures.  This comprehensive program is the first of its kind, designed to help residents cope with the unique demands of the healthcare profession and to better understand the impact stressors have on their cognitive, emotional, and physical well-being. This program provides information to help them not only survive training, but to actually thrive and flourish. For more information go to

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