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CaseNetwork and Happify Health Partner to Launch New Mental Health Program for Physicians and Healthcare Professionals The Happify CoreWellness Program is Designed to Help Alleviate Stress and Increase Resilience During Global Pandemic

Newtown Square, PA – June 25, 2020: Today CaseNetwork, a physician-led online medical education company for healthcare professionals, and digital mental health leader, Happify Health, announced the launch of a new mental health program, Happify CoreWellness, designed to help physicians and healthcare professionals develop the skills they need to manage stress and build emotional resilience.. The program includes 15 self-directed specialized tracks and will help physicians and healthcare professionals maintain their own mental wellbeing while caring for the health of their patients, by using multiple behavior change disciplines such as cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, mindfulness and others. 

With the global mental health crisis at an all-time high due to COVID-19, physicians and healthcare workers on the front lines are more mentally strained than ever before. Even before the pandemic reached the United States, a recent Harvard study found that 78% of physicians report feeling burned out. In January 2020, a Medscape study reported that 64% of physicians will not seek care for burnout or depression, with 47% indicating that they believe they can manage without help from a professional, and 20% indicating they don’t want to risk disclosure. A small study conducted in late March, 2020 with Chinese healthcare workers on the frontlines with COVID patients found that 72% had some form of psychological distress, with 50% showing signs of depression and 45% reporting anxiety. 

The physical and mental stress felt by physicians and healthcare professionals has always been high but has risen to new levels during this time of global pandemic. I am extremely concerned about my healthcare colleagues on the frontlines who are witnessing tragic outcomes for their patients that are almost incomprehensible. I am extremely grateful to the teams at CaseNetwork and Happify who have collaborated to provide this life-changing program. Happify CoreWellness has been tailored to meet the unique mental health needs of healthcare professionals that may otherwise go unmet,”  said CaseNetwork’s CEO, Jeffrey Levy, MD.

“With more than three-quarters of physicians experiencing burnout even before the pandemic, it is clear that there is an urgent need to provide access to digital mental health tools they can easily fit into their hectic and stressful schedules,” said Patrick Burke, Head of Happify Health Solutions at Happify Health. “With Happify CoreWellness, we are proud to work with CaseNetwork to offer healthcare workers with a digital mental health care solution specifically tailored for them, giving them tools to build resilience and decrease stress so that they are able to better maintain their own health during this global crisis.” 

The Happify CoreWellness program teaches physicians and healthcare workers how to build stronger resilience and help reduce the impact of burnout and depression on patient care. The highly personalized experience can be used anywhere, and any time it’s needed, fitting into a healthcare worker’s hectic lifestyle. The Happify CoreWellness program includes specially curated tracks for healthcare professionals, including two new tracks, “Resolve Conflict at Work,” which teaches strategies to optimally address your emotions when conflict occurs and reach resolutions more quickly, and “Build Resilience for Challenging Times,” which teaches you how to analyze challenges, maximize positivity, and build personal resilience to optimize outcomes as a health professional at work and at home.  Other tracks for healthcare professionals, include “Care Providers: Your Well-Being Matters,” “Get the Best Sleep of Your Life,” “Overcome Your Negative Thinking,” “Defeat Stress in Your Daily Life,” “Stop the Worry Cycle,” and more.

The Happify-CoreWellness program incorporates proven tools that effectively target depression, anxiety and help build resilience. (See Link – Journal of Wellbeing).  More information about Happify’s scientific testing and research science can be found on the Happify Labs page

About Happify Health: 

Happify Health is a LifeTech company that delivers digital therapeutics and innovative care delivery models to improve mental and physical health. As a leader in digital therapeutic solutions, Happify Health’s safe, effective digital tools use scientific research from positive psychology, CBT and mindfulness, combined with a gamified approach and leading-edge technology, to impact everyday lives. Happify Health’s clinically-validated platform provides global access to one of the most comprehensive, evidence-based intervention catalog that is available from science, resulting in better health and business outcomes for organizations. For more information, visit 

About CaseNetwork: 

CaseNetwork is a physician-led online medical education company that delivers online case-based, competency-driven education for healthcare professionals to improve their knowledge and skills advancing both patient care and self-care.  CaseNetwork’s CoreCases curriculum features virtual patient simulations that integrate evidence-based clinical information with problem solving skills for hundreds of disease states to meet required competencies.  The CoreWellness curriculum includes skill-based wellbeing education and assessment designed for the unique challenges faced by healthcare professionals-in-training.   Both platforms provide standardized distance learning and group learning options with anytime, anywhere access.  For more information go to

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