PROLOG for CoreCases/Ob-Gyn

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PROLOG Automated Remediation modules map all of the PROLOG questions to ACGME milestones and were developed as part of CaseNetwork’s partnership with the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists (ACOG) to offer more efficient remediation.

PROLOG for CoreCases is a high-quality content educational tool that gives residents the opportunity to thoroughly review two related PROLOG patient scenarios and discussions for each milestone covered within the CoreCases curriculum where they have not yet demonstrated proficiency. After reviewing the related scenarios, residents will also take a quiz to demonstrate proficiency in the milestones for the related subject matters.

Because these modules are automatically assigned and automatically update milestone proficiencies when completed, they save administrative time. PROLOG is a resource that is known and trusted and makes the assessment of residents in these areas of knowledge gaps more objective and consistent.

PROLOG Scenario

PROLOG Discussion


The PROLOG modules work together seamlessly with the CoreCases curriculum to assign remediation automatically as needed. The Resident Milestone report uses a Red diamond to flag areas that need remediation (see the report below).

Prolog Report 1

PROLOG Remediation is provided automatically and corresponds to those milestones where gaps in knowledge exist. Upon successful completion of the PROLOG remediation modules by the resident, the reports automatically update and the red diamond in the report changes to a green diamond (see the report below). This simplifies the milestone review process for both the resident and the reviewer.

Key Components

  • PROLOG Automated Remediation is part of CaseNetwork’s partnership with ACOG
  • All PROLOG questions have been mapped to the ACGME milestones
  • PROLOG scenarios and questions are automatically assigned in areas where residents have not achieved proficiency in targeted milestones
  • PROLOG for CoreCases Integrates seamlessly with the CoreCases for Ob-Gyn curriculum in providing automated remediation.
  • Automated Remediation saves medical educators and administrators time and makes assessment of residents more objective and consistent, and remediation more efficient.
  • PROLOG Automated Remediation is a known and trusted resource by Ob-Gyn residency programs.