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According to national surveys, between 50% to 75% of residents and medical students may be suffering from burnout syndrome (BOS).
[Ey 2016]

CoreWellness is a breakthrough e-learning program from CaseNetwork that provides tools to help residents and medical students increase resilience, manage stress, and achieve self-awareness through proactive wellness and self-care measures.  It is the first comprehensive e-learning program designed to help residents and medical students cope with the unique demands of the health care profession and better understanding of the impact stressors have on their cognitive, emotional and physical well-being.

The CoreWellness program is divided into three parts:

  1. Foundation Program – This part of the program explores the etiology, prevalence, and consequences of burnout syndrome (BOS). It defines well-being and resilience, describes the characteristics associated with them, and how to measure them. It also provides examples of successful resident wellness programs throughout the United States.

    1. Resilience Exercise Modules – This section of the program builds residents’ and medical students’ resilience through nine evidence-based skill building exercises. They learn to understand and analyze their thinking patterns and beliefs, uncover dysfunctional beliefs, and replace them with well-founded and accurate assessments of inevitable stressors and adversities of medical training. This process decreases burnout and improves the residents’ and medical students’ well-being.


        1. Interactive Case-Based Scenarios – The final section of CoreWellness consists of interactive simulated resident and medical student encounters depicting a variety of real-world situations that reinforce how to avoid burnout and depression, create a culture of wellness and resilience, and improve work-life balance.

Key Components

  • Helps residents cope with the unique demands of the health care profession and better understand of the impact stressors on their cognitive, emotional and physical well-being.
  • Evidence-based wellness interventions include top resilience exercises and measurement tools
  • Case-based scenarios are interactive and depict the real-life situations of burnout, depression, wellness and resilience, and work-life balance
  • Content within the modules is mapped to the core competencies and required ACGME milestones to provide an efficient and consistent way to identify proficiencies and weaknesses
  • Material is presented in a decision-oriented format with immediate formative feedback to increase engagement and learning retention
  • CoreWellness is a cloud-based program that is available anytime, anywhere on devices and tablets