CoreCases for Medical Students

CoreCases for Medical Students is an online case-based curriculum consisting of a 45 simulated patient encounters covering 250 topic areas and disease states in 3 different specialties:

*Ob/Gyn (15 cases)
*Family Medicine (15 cases)
*Internal Medicine (15 cases)

CoreCases for Medical Students includes a series of interactive online cases that teach, track, assess, and report on medical students’ knowledge proficiency, clinical reasoning ability, and progress in achieving core competencies. The student is presented with various patients’ signs, symptoms, histories, and physical examinations and then required to formulate accurate differential diagnoses, order appropriate labs and diagnostic tests, and create impactful management plans.

CoreCases for Medical Students

The cases are targeted to fit today’s students learning styles, offering them an interactive learning experience with engaging media content, contextualized learning, and formative feedback throughout the educational experience. This educational format facilitates faster learning of critical information, improves learner retention, and advances problem-solving skills.

The curriculum is recommended for third and fourth year students and can be used in conjunction with classroom learning or as stand-alone, self-directed learning modules that augment clinical experience. The curriculum also provides opportunities for flipped-classroom discussions and team-based learning.

Cases in the CoreCases for Medical Students curriculum can be purchased as a group (45 cases), or purchased by specialty (15 cases per specialty).

Key Components

  • Teaches in a decision-oriented format with immediate formative feedback
  • Provides medical educators and administrators an objective assessment and reporting tool
  • Targeted to fit the interactive learning style of today’s students
  • All content is evidenced based and peer reviewed by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG)