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Fundamentals of Robotic Gynecological Surgery (FRGS)


The mission of the Fundamentals of Robotic Gynecologic Surgery (FRGS) is to create and develop a validated gynecology specialty-specific, technical skills competency based curriculum for surgeons to safely and efficiently perform basic gynecologic robotic-assisted surgery. Twenty-four robotic experts, educators and researchers representing ACOG, CREOG, AAGL, SGO, AUGS, ASRM, SGS, AMA, JCAHO and the Robotic Training Network participated in a consensus conference covering. Dr. Jeffrey Levy, CEO of CaseNetwork and Dr. Martin Martino were co-chairman of the consensus conference that covered the following topics:

  1. Measures Working Groups
    1. Skills for Gynecologic Surgery
    2. Measurement Methods
    3. Tasks to Assess Technical Skills
  2. Curriculum Development Working Groups
    1. Group 1: Didactic Instructions for Gynecologic Robotic Surgery
    2. Group 2: Psychomotor Skills Curriculum: Gynecologic Procedures
    3. Group 3: Team Training and Communication Skills
    4. Consensus Report
  3. Validation Method Discussion
  4. Credentialing and Transparency Discussions

A full education and training curriculum resulted from the conference.

Project Development

  • CaseNetwork organizing and facilitating the consensus conference
  • CaseNetwork helped create the didactic curriculum
  • CaseNetwork developing all of the multimedia for the educational program
  • CaseNetwork is helping develop a physical model for psychomotor training
  • CaseNetwork is liaising with simulation companies to develop with Virtual Reality surgical simulations for psychomotor training

FRGS Vaginal Cuff Closure


  • CaseNetwork will host the final curriculum using their platform and administer the program to Ob/GYN physicians interested in performing robotic surgery.
  • CaseNetwork will provide assessments measuring the proficiency
  • CaseNetwork will monitor and revise pertinent content with the approval of the Ob/GYN governing societies as new evidence and best practices become available.
  • The FRGS is expected to be completed in late 2014 and validated in 2015