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Fundamentals of Robotic Surgery (FRS)

The Fundamentals of Robotic Surgery (FRS) is a joint industry (Intuitive Surgical, Inc.) and Department of Defense (DOD) funded project managed through Florida Hospital Nicholson Center for Surgical Advancement (NCSA) and the Institute of Surgical Excellence (ISE). The purpose of the initiative is to develop a basic curriculum to teach surgical skills for robotic surgery across a wide array of surgical sub-specialties..

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Project Development

FRS engaged CaseNetwork to assist in the development of the program. CaseNetwork’s role included:

  • Assistance in identifying over 80 robotic experts, medical educators, researchers, and psychomotor specialists who would create a standard curriculum for all robotic surgeons
  • Led a series of consensus meetings to determine the critical skills, tasks and errors, outcome measures and metrics using a Delphi and modified-Delphi approach
  • Facilitated two conferences for Curriculum Development resulting in the creation of a complete didactic program, specific psychomotor exercises and communication skills module
  • Conducted a session with 15 international leading robotics institutions to initiate a validation trial study
  • Correlated the validation study results and assisted in their publication in a prestigious peer-reviewed journal
  • Transition of the curriculum to the Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) for implementation, to include high stakes testing and evaluation

FRS Module 2: Setting Up the Robotic System


  • CaseNetwork will host the final curriculum using the CaseNetwork platform and administer the program to all surgical specialists.
  • CaseNetwork will monitor and revise pertinent content as it becomes acceptable practice.
  • The FRS final curriculum is slated for completion in early 2015. It is expected that the curriculum will be validated and implemented by all 14 surgical specialties for initial surgical robotics training.