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Our Social Mission

CaseNetwork’s mission is to create a global standard for education and training of healthcare professionals by providing the most advanced and innovative framework for conveying content, measuring skills, and improving proficiencies.

CaseNetwork’s mission has expanded to the formation of an African Medical Education and Training Initiative (AMETI) in partnership with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).

CaseNetwork and ACOG are striving to provide the highest quality education and training resources to increase the number of qualified healthcare providers throughout all of Africa. The goal is for CaseNetwork, ACOG, US-based healthcare institutions and clinicians to work in partnership with Ministries of Health and clinicians throughout Africa to develop standardized, regionally relevant curricula for African healthcare providers.

The resulting curricula will incorporate the most up-to-date, effective, and evidence-based educational principles. They will also include crucial technologies to help overcome the traditional barriers to information and education opportunities that healthcare professionals face in many African countries. The ultimate goal for AMETI is to support the delivery of exemplary healthcare services throughout Africa.

To further this mission, Dr. Jeffrey Levy, CEO of CaseNetwork, joined ACOG in Ethiopia to train African healthcare providers in curriculum development and the creation and implementation of e-learning programs. During the course, he described how medicine requires more complex education and training strategies than other disciplines due to the need to integrate cognitive (knowledge), technical (psychomotor/procedural), and nontechnical (e.g., communication, collaboration, professionalism, and management) skills. He described the need for all learners, independent of learning styles and background knowledge and experiences to meet or exceed high level standards determined by government, medical societies, and regulatory/credentialing boards.

Dr. Levy reviewed the steps of instructional design and the advantages of providing a blended solution educational model that promotes interactivity and builds pre-knowledge through e-learning, enabling the adult learner to come to live meetings with a higher level of understanding and knowledge. He explained that live meetings should be reserved for “flipped classrooms” (facilitated discussions rather than teacher-directed lectures) and the hands-on training of technical and non-technical skills. He then provided instruction on technology tools that help to build, share and disseminate desired curricula.

At the end of the program all course goals and objectives were achieved. Participants presented the work they had completed during the course and successfully demonstrated the ability to develop curricula and utilize an online learning management system. Participants were awarded a certificate for completing the course by the Ethiopian Ministry of Health and ACOG. CaseNetwork and ACOG are presently working with the Ministry of Health on next steps for the AMETI curriculum development project.

In the picture from left to right:

  • Berhanu Taye, ESOG Program Director, ACOG
  • Jeffrey Levy, CEO, CaseNetwork
  • Kebede Worku, State Minister, Ethiopian Ministry of Health
  • Ann Arnold, Educational Programs Director, ACOG
  • Selahadin Seid, CPD Team Leader, Office of Ethiopian Ministry of Health