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CaseNetwork was founded in 2011 by a physician, Dr. Jeffrey Levy, with the vision to become the global standard for medical education by providing the most advanced and innovative learning framework across the continuum of education and training with the ultimate goal to improve patient care.

CaseNetowrk Stethoscope To accomplish this, CaseNetwork builds upon 25 years of experience utilizing the most engaging online case-based and competency focused education. CaseNetwork’s unique education approach teaches medical professionals the information they need to stay current in a contextualized format that increases retention and application of new knowledge into clinical practice. A collaborative learning environment is utilized with peers and experts to produce better caregivers by facilitating knowledge sharing, improving communication, and building healthcare teams.

CaseNetwork is continuously innovating to provide the highest quality content coupled with the latest technological advances. We are committed to help healthcare providers around the world to learn faster, more efficiently and more conveniently. We are committed to assist the next generation of healthcare providers become the most capable and competent possible in an ever-changing healthcare environment.